Keep Your New Job Search on the Down Low

Guest Author: William Frierson is a staff writer for

Typically, as a job seeker, you want to tell everyone who may offer some assistance about your job search. That is everyone except your current employer (and perhaps certain co-workers). If word gets out about your new job search, you may end up looking for employment out of need instead of want.

Here are some tips to make your next career move on the down low:

Protect your resume- Be careful how you post your resume online. Usually, there are options on job websites that allow you to decide who will see your resume.

Just say no- Reject any question about contacting your current employer about your job search, at least until you have a job offer.

Avoid electronic temptation- Be smart. Conduct your job search on your own time, not company time. Any equipment you use on the job may be used against you and result in termination. Consider an alternative source such as a library for your search.

If you believe a better job is out there for you, then go for it. Just don’t let your employer know about your search for a new opportunity. Remember, though, a job is a job and you want to keep it until you’re offered another one.


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