Tips for College Students on Google+, Part 2

Make Your Updates Public
One of my favorite features on Google+ is circles because I love the control they give me in filtering my stream, and the ability to choose with whom I share content. On the other hand, another great feature of Google+ is the ability to make your status updates discoverable. By this I mean that I appreciate being able to find new content and to share content with new audiences. However, the only way to make your updates discoverable – to let others find you by reading your updates – is to make those updates public.

– Find a balance between sharing content that is “circle-specific” and content that is public.
– If you are sharing information related to your major, your field, your personal brand, make those updates public. This ensures that other professionals can find you, in particular, recruiters and potential employers.
– Conversely, content that is of a more personal nature, should generally just be shared with specific circles.
– For example, if you are a graphic design major and are hoping to work in that field, and find some interesting design examples that you wish to share and comment on, this could be shared publicly. However, if you find a funny YouTube video that you know your friends would appreciate, only share the video with those circles.
– As you share professional content, you associate yourself with your field; the more you contribute, the easier it will be for others in the field to find you.

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