Information about the Emergency First Aid at Work Course and Qualification

Guest Author: Mark Thwaite
Given the legal liabilities that many businesses can find themselves facing should either an employee or a member of the public suffer illness or injury at work or while on the business premises, it is no surprise that many businesses are choosing to take measures to ensure that they are prepared should an emergency occur. To a certain extent this is a legal obligation – companies are required to have a complete first aid kit on the premises at all times and to choose an appointed person from amongst their staff who will look after this and be responsible for calling the emergency services.

However companies are not legally obliged to have a staff member trained in first aid procedures, but many companies and workers are choosing to take this extra step.
For those who do, there is a choice of either a standard First Aid at Work course or an Emergency one. The first difference between the two is the actual duration – with standard courses lasting for three days, while the Emergency one runs for one day. For many companies and workers, especially those in less high-risk working environments, the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work qualification will be the preferred option. This course teaches basic emergency first aid techniques and provides the necessary information about health and safety regulations. The course will enable those taking it to provide emergency first aid treatment to unconscious casualties, those suffering from choking, shock, bleeding and seizures – in addition to common minor workplace injuries.

It also teaches employees about managing an accident or injury and how to correctly write a report on an accident or illness in the workplace – something else companies are legally obliged to do – making it invaluable both for employees and for businesses. The qualifications offered by providers such as the Red Cross are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.


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