Job Seeking? This is Your Current Job

Author: William Frierson is a staff writer for

Don’t think you have a job, think again. Even though you may not have a steady income, do not discount the work that should go into a job search. For now, your job search is your job. Remember these tips:

Be more than prepared- Keep a fresh resume and cover letter on hand just in case you encounter job opportunities you want to apply for.

Use job search engines- Go online to learn about job opportunities. In addition, create job search agents to have these opportunities emailed to you.

References- Have multiple professional and personal contacts available who can put in a good word for you. Tell them in advance about your job search.

Network, network, network- Remember, many jobs are unadvertised. By interacting with your network, you could discover open positions before other job seekers.

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While you might not be collecting a paycheck at the moment, you still do have a job: finding a job. The work you put into your job search can lead to the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


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