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Are you getting ready to graduate from college or considering a career change? Do you need a little help in getting started?
If you’re a college senior or a recent graduate who is still seeking employment, don’t panic! Surveys report that hiring is up from last year, with many employers plan on hiring more employees than in the past.
Start Your Job Search Now:
If you’re a college senior or recent graduate, it’s a good time to be job searching. Do start your job search early. Don’t wait until the semester is almost over. Employers are in the process of hiring now, and you don’t want to miss out on good opportunities by waiting.
Be Flexible and Focused:
Broaden the number of fields you are considering and apply for plenty of positions but research fields thoroughly so you can present a compelling rationale for your interest to employers.
Use Your Network :
Does your college or university have a career network of alumni willing to help students and other alumni? If so, use it. You’ll find alumni available to help you with your job search by providing information and sharing their insight and expertise on their career field and industry.
Visit the College Graduate Jobs Sites
Incorporate the entry level job sites, including sites which list jobs for college students and alumni, as well as jobs for other entry-level candidates into your job search.

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