Job Board Review: JobsMiner

JobsMiner.comSome time ago, I reviewed one of my favorite job aggregators, on Lawrence University Career Service’s blog. Almost as long ago, I shared a series of videos showing how to use Twitter for job search. That was three years ago, and social media sites like Twitter have come a long way in their roles in the job search sphere. As a job seeker, you know that you can turn to job aggregators like to scour major job sites for opportunities. But what about all the opportunities shared via social media? Hundreds of jobs are shared on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. Today, relative newcomer, JobsMiner, combines the search capability of a job aggregator with the ubiquity of social media, allowing you to find jobs and internships that have been posted through social sites.

Here’s how JobsMiner describes itself: “JobsMiner ( scans any wording on the leading social networks, blogs, and forums and translates the job postings into easily searchable items on their search engine. So, if you posted something to your Facebook wall (as “Public”) and it had the keywords that the system determined to be a job posting, it would show that posting in the search results in real-time. JobsMiner is a much easier way to find jobs, wherever they are on social networks. It’s also free.”

Here’s what I like about JobsMiner:

  • The site is easy to use with a simple Keyword search box and a location search box.
  • You can choose to search postings from within the last 24 hours, 7 days or 14 days.
  • The site will search the specific location you’ve chosen, but will also return results from nearby locations.

Here are possible issues with JobsMiner:

  • There is some possibility to see duplication of jobs; I ran into a couple, but not too many.
  • Also, when searching a broad term like “intern,” I saw a proliferation of engineering, design and social media opportunities. However, this is not actually a problem with JobsMiner but is consistent with social media sites in general. There tends to be more technical and social media opportunities that are shared via social networking; JobsMiner accurately captures that trend.

Final thoughts:
Will JobsMiner replace other jobs search engines that you’re currently using? No, nor should it. But, JobsMiner looks like it can be an helpful addition to your job search arsenal, especially if you’re using social media as part of your job search.

If you try out JobsMiner, I’d love to hear what you think.

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