Quick Tips for College Freshmen: Explore Multiple Disciplines

Even if you’re completely sure about your choice of major, it’s still a good idea to explore multiple disciplines, and your freshman year in college is a great time to start. There’s usually less room in your academic schedule to fit in classes from other departments the further along you get in your major, so take the time to explore while you have the chance.

  • Try out classes that will give you exposure to new skills, or topics that you just find fascinating.
  • Maybe take a class with an especially well-respected professor, or one that you know will force you to think in new ways.
  • Consider classes that will allow you to meet a wider range of students and faculty. One of my former students, a bio-chemistry major, took a few theatre arts classes in her freshman year. Although she later had no time in her schedule to take more classes in the theatre department, the friendships she made in those first classes have lasted well beyond graduation. She knows that she likely would not have made those connections had she not taken the classes outside her discipline.
  • Taking classes in another discipline may also open up opportunities to add a minor or even for a double major.

Of course, work closely with academic advising to ensure any courses you take don’t conflict with your required course load. Give yourself exposure to a variety of classes – at worst, you’ll confirm your interest in your own major, at best, you’ll make some new friends, learn something new, and broaden your horizons.

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  1. Amy Reply

    Great advice, both for students who are sure of their major and students who are still looking! A good, investigative way to approach college.

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