Resource Review: Todoist

We’re definitely not a tech site, but we do love to share any tips, tricks or resources that might make your life as a college student or young professional any easier. Today, we wanted to share a nifty task management website with all of you: Todoist .

What is it?

Todoist is a web-based task or project management system. It helps you stay organized, and because it’s cloud-based, you can keep on top of your tasks where ever you go.

Why we like it.

We tried out a number of different task managers, including Remember the Milk, Google Tasks, Producteev, Outlook tasks, iCloud Reminders and a few others. All of the other task managers we tried had some great features, and one of them may be exactly what you’re looking for, but Todoist gets our nod for a few key reasons, ones we think college students and young professionals will also find appealing:

  • It’s cloud-based, but it still works when you don’t have wifi. If you are using an iOS mobile device, the Todoist app has offline support. (Otherwise, you can still use Todoist offline, as long as you sync first before you go offline.) So, whether you’re in class, in your res. hall, on the bus, at work or walking around campus, you still have access to your tasks and projects.
  • There are plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Outlook, and a handy bookmarklet that can be installed on most any browser. This makes updating and adding new tasks really easy.
  • Gmail integration. This was a major factor in our decision to use Todoist! Since so many of our tasks come in the form of emails, we love the ability to create a task from an email. Later, when we return to the task, the link opens up the original email. Google Tasks does this too, (and integrates more seamlessly), but Todoist also integrates with Outlook, if you happen to use that email client. If you’re interning, working full time, or in any situation where you are receiving a number of action items via email, this feature can be especially helpful. Of course, it assumes that you are using either Gmail or Outlook.
  • Project management. Say you’re working on a major project, like a term paper. Todoist allows you to set up projects with numerous tasks and sub-tasks under each. You’re able to set up deadlines and due dates, as well as add labels (which act like tags).

The paid version adds a bit more functionality, such as allowing notes for tasks, productivity tracking and an improved labeling system. At just $29 a year, it’s quite affordable to upgrade.

What’s not so great.

  • If you prefer a stand alone desktop application, you won’t find one here. At least, not yet. This feature has been requested many times, so it may be integrated in the future.
  • Todoist currently does not integrate with any calendar apps. If you manage your tasks using a web calendar, this app won’t help you. Again, there seems to be a lot of requests for this feature.
  • If you just prefer pen and paper to keep track of your tasks, this app and others like it won’t fit the bill.
  • The mobile app is pretty basic. While we like this about the app, others might find the minimalism a bit too sparse.

Overall, we’ve been pretty pleased with how Todoist has helped keep our projects and various tasks in order. Of course, this is just our opinion, and there are a lot of other task management options out there. If you try Todoist, let us know how you like it. What other tools do you use to stay organized?

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