Give Yourself a Snow Day

Snow Angel

Have some fun in the snow!

A little while ago, we shared a few career lessons from a snow day. Given all the snow we’ve been getting in Wisconsin this winter, we couldn’t help but think of another.

If, like many college students, you’ve had your hands full with mid-terms, research papers, presentations, and a ton of reading, not to mention applying for full time employment, internships, coop positions or summer jobs, you may be feeling pretty worn out. You’ve been working really hard, which is good, and often times, necessary! But all that hard work can sometimes lead to burn out. It may be that a snow day is exactly what you need.

So, take a day to put away your resume. Don’t log into LinkedIn. Don’t search for any jobs or internships. Don’t worry about networking. Just give yourself a break; maybe even go outside and enjoy the snow. You may be surprised at how a day off can re-invigorate your job search and even give you some new perspectives on your career.

Image source: SCA Photo Contest

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