10 Things to Do Over Summer Break

Summer Break

  1. Read a book, or ten, about subjects you haven’t had time to explore lately.
  2. Spend as much time as possible with family, old friends, and new ones.
  3. Learn everything you can from your summer internship or job. Give yourself at least 3 learning objectives at the start of the summer, then revisit your goals throughout the summer to keep yourself on track.
  4. Treat yourself to something fun, like a trip, new clothes, a tech gadget, or a spa day.
  5. Whether it’s academic or just for fun, take a class.
  6. It’s easy to get stuck indoors during the academic year, so during the summer, get outdoors as much as you can.
  7. Prepare for next year. Summer’s a great time to plan out the coming academic year.
  8. Learn a new skill or try out a new hobby.
  9. Volunteer; get involved in your local community.
  10. Update your resume; make sure to add any new courses, volunteering, jobs or internships.

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