Quick Tip: Don’t Miss Early Internship Deadlines

deadlineEven though classes have barely started, there are a number of internship (and job) deadlines that come very early in the fall. Opportunities in consulting, government and journalism, to name a few, can have application deadlines as early as September!

  • Head to your campus career center within the first weeks of class and attend any orientation sessions provided.
  • Plan to attend on-campus recruiting information sessions or information tables, and any career fairs, to connect with recruiters.
  • Identify internship and job opportunities that interest you and get their deadlines on your calendar.
  • Networking with alumni and other professionals in your field to learn about more opportunities and to get insider tips on the application process.
  • With the help of career services, prepare tailored resumes and cover letters.
  • Even if some of your internship deadlines aren’t until after the new year, send your applications in early, then follow-up a few times before the Christmas holidays.

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