Quick Tips: Keep Your Rants Off Social Media

Angry womanYou’ve probably read a few of them; maybe you’ve even shared or re-tweeted a few – We’re talking about those epic rants from celebritiesdisgruntled employees, or friends on social media that are, well, quite entertaining.  But as funny as they can sometimes be, public rants can also be very damaging.  Here are a few tips for keeping yourself from hurting your career and becoming tomorrow’s link fodder:
  • It doesn’t matter how much of a jerk your boss, (or professor, coach, etc.). may be, don’t vent about her/him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, your blog or any other social media.
  • Likewise, if you’re having a disagreement with a co-worker, classmate or friend, keep your rants offline.
  • To be extra safe, make sure your Facebook privacy settings are set accordingly.
  • We’ll leave it to your discretion whether or not to Facebook friend your boss or co-workers, but if you do, make sure to keep them in a friend list that does NOT receive all your personal status updates.
  • There’s nothing wrong with thoughtful, constructive criticism, but if your Instagram and Twitter are public, use wisdom and caution before posting criticism about your company or school (by the way, same goes for posting NSFW selfies!).
  • If you absolutely have to rant, do it IRL with trusted friends.
Keep in mind, not all rants can (or should) get you fired, but they can make a future employer think twice before hiring you, so stay professional both on and offline.

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