Quick Tips: Say Thank-You; Pay It Forward

Thank YouThroughout your high school and college career, you’ve had many people come along side you to support you, encourage you, and even challenge you. Take some time to say thanks:

  • Send a quick email, a thank-you card, or make a call.
  • If it’s been a while, let the person know what you’ve been up to, (internships and summer jobs you’ve held, your choice of major, and career aspirations), and thank them specifically for how they’ve helped you.
  • As you make progress down your career path, remember to touch base with these key supporters with updates along the way.

There are also a lot of people you will meet along the way who can benefit from your knowledge and experience. You may feel like you are just at the start of your career path, but here are practical things to do if a fellow student or young professional asks for your help:

  • Be willing to talk with fellow students about your choice of major, why you chose it, the courses you like best, and the faculty to take/avoid.
  • Think about all the resources you’ve run into as you’ve mulled through career options – maybe another student thinking of the same career path would benefit from them, too.
  • Be open to discussing your job or internship search process – you know how challenging the process can be, perhaps your experience can help make things a bit easier for the next student.
  • If you have built your professional network up a bit while in the last few years, be open to sharing some of those connections with other students with similar interests.

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