Resume Phrases – Food Services Worker

food_service_staffWhether it’s working at a restaurant, a pub, at the campus cafeteria, or on the catering staff, working in food service is a solid employment option either on or off-campus. If you’re not sure how to translate your Food Service experience on your résumé, here are some sample résumé phrases that may help:

  • Worked professionally with diverse range of patrons, including faculty, donors, board members, alumni, students and general public
  • One of only 2 student workers requested by name to cater high-stakes donor events
  • Communicated regularly with supervisors and co-workers to ensure timely and efficient set-up of large-scale events
  • Conducted regular detailed inventory of stock to ensure accurate documentation for purchasing manager
  • Assisted in training new staff; edited and updated training manual to include time-saving tips
  • Promoted twice within same academic year
  • Managed customer complaints professionally and promptly
  • Organized and cleaned work station regularly to ensure safe, efficient work environment
  • Assisted in other workstations as needed; floated between stations whenever necessary
  • Adapted easily to new equipment and procedures; assisted other staff in making transition
  • Collaborated with supervisors and co-workers to resolve staffing coverage concerns

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples and are provided to remind you of your many accomplishments as a student. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

It’s not uncommon for college students to work in jobs that are completely unrelated to their long-term career goals. Yet these experiences are often valuable additions to a résumé. The Resume Phrases by Common Off-campus Jobs series offers sample résumé phrases for experiences often gained through common off-campus student jobs. These sample phrases are intended to inspire students and recent grads to describe their college experience more thoroughly.

Image source: University of Maryland

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