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Maybe you’ve found yourself suddenly unemployed, or perhaps you’ve got the itch to change employment. When you’re trying to find a new career, it can be intimidating to think of yourself “on the job market.” Fortunately, you’ve got a powerful, proven resource you can use: your professional network. Here’s why networking simply works when looking a job.

Why Networking is the Best Way to Find a Job

It’s not just professional wisdom, it’s a hard fact: networking is the best way to find a job. The reasons why include:

  • Job listings often lead to large piles of applicants; knowing someone is a way to rise to the top of the pile:
  • Some of the best jobs are never listed publicly:
  • Friendships count; people simply prefer to hire people they already know and like.

But how big is your professional network? You’d be surprised.

Your Network is Larger Than You Think

Some people think of their professional network as consisting only of former colleagues, coworkers, and bosses. Not quite – your network has many, many more people than that.
In fact, anyone with a job can be part of your professional network. This includes:

  • Your doctor
  • Your landlord
  • Other members of civic clubs or service organizations you belong to
  • Your child’s teachers
  • Members of your church congregation

Plus, your friends have professional networks of their own you can leverage. For example, your best friend has coworkers who could possibly know about job opportunities in your field. That means you’re essentially tapping into your network and your friend’s.
And once you know the tricks of using your professional network, finding a job is simple.

How to Use Your Professional Network Effectively

Start By Targeting Specific Jobs
First, spend some time using a job search site JobTonic. This site in particular is great because it allows you to search by city, job category, and even company. Wondering if a favorite brand has any jobs open? Jobtonic can show you. You can even have jobs you’d be interested in sent to your email, saving you more time and work.

Once you’ve targeted a specific job, you can begin mining your professional contacts to see if you know anyone working for that particular company.

Know Your Assets
When you begin your job search, make a list of your potential contacts. This especially includes people who are working for companies and in industries you’d like to work in.

Start Networking Before Your Job Hunt
If you have a professional network in place when you start looking for a job, it’ll be much easier to find a great new career.

  • Add as many contacts on LinkedIn as possible. Don’t worry if a potential contact is only an old classmate or someone you don’t know very well. LinkedIn is specifically built for professional networking, so send out contact requests liberally.
  • Identify people in your life who may be great networking assets, and build relationships with them. Simply checking in every so often and asking how they’re doing is a great help.
  • Go out of your way to find new contacts and friends during your everyday activities.

Ask for Leads
Sometimes, simply asking is the most rewarding activity. Use your social networks, email, and telephone to ask people in your professional network about job leads.

Be Helpful
Above all, be completely helpful as much as possible. You never know when someone you helped years ago can help you find a new job. Always be willing to give a little bit of time to help someone else.

A New Job is Closer Than You Think

It’ll take a little bit of work and time to use your professional network, but when you do, you’ll find it’s very possible to find a new job. Try these tips and begin expanding your professional network today.


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