Questions Answered: Is now a good time to start job-searching?

Start NowQuestion: I’m a senior [in college] and it seems like everyone is stressing out about full-time employment. Is this really the right time to start looking? ~ T.L.

Answer: It’s really never too early to start your job search, but stressing might not be the best answer, either.

The job search process can take time (6-15 months, depending on your industry). A big reason for how long the process takes is that there are SO many qualified applicants. Secondly, it takes time to develop a professional relationship with other professionals in your field. Some industries start and finish all of their college hiring in the fall, while others continue to hired right into the summer. Check out our Applying for Internships series. Even though it talks about internships, the process is identical for applying for JOBS. Best of luck to you!

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