Five Ways to Misinterpret Job Hunting Tips

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So, here you are, a young specialist who has just graduated from college, or you’re someone who has just been downsized – in other words, you’re a job seeker. In today’s tough economic times, being unemployed can be very stressful, which can sometimes make the job market pretty intense and complicated. With a so many different tips and tricks being shared, it is easy to get it all wrong and spoil your job search instead of making it successful. So, before you dive into the list of job openings for marketing positions or whatever else you are interested in, make sure you follow the tips right.

Tip: Tell employer about your skills.
How to misuse it: Not elaborating on your skills. This applies for both your résumé and job interview. Remember that you have to prove the things you can do, but that doesn’t mean sharing irrelevant or underdeveloped skills. Prepare a variety of examples of how you use your skills in relevant settings. For example, if you are good at programming, talk about the programs you’ve created that are still used by your previous employer.

Tip: Focus on skills and experience needed for the vacancy.
How to misuse it: Talking up your skills until you annoy the employer. For example, when an interviewer asks if you have any questions, and you use this time to talk about yourself again. Always remember the golden mean, (i.e. a happy medium), and don’t overdo it when you want to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the vacancy.

Tip: Explain why you can do the job.
How to misuse it: Say that you are the best candidate, without tangible proof. You don’t know who else was interviewed for the position, so don’t talk about other people. Tell why you are interested in the position and what skills and knowledge will help you do it, mention how you managed the same tasks and show you are really interested in getting the job. Sometimes it is more important than some skills you may lack.

Tip: Be self-confident.
How to misuse it: Claim that nothing in the job will be a problem for you and you will go through anything. Of course, self-confidence is important when it comes to your job search, and employers like such candidates. What they don’t like is arrogance and insolence.

Tip: Be ready to discuss a wide range of topics.
How to misuse it: You start talking about sensitive topics during your interview. For example, you begin speaking negatively about a former employer. Before the interview, prepare a list of appropriate topics that you are comfortable discussing, and be cautious not to stray from it.


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