Make Your School Year Great With These 4 Tips

campusWelcome Back! We’re hoping you have an amazing school year! Here are some really easy, but often forgotten, tips for making this year especially great.

Forward your school email account
If you don’t regularly check your school email account, remember to forward it to your primary account (the one you check regularly), or to set up your primary account to pull your school account’s emails. I know you probably get a LOT of email from your school that you don’t necessarily want flooding your regular account, but you can also miss a lot of important information and news if you’re not getting email from your school.

Meet with a career advisor
Whether you’re a first year student, an alum, or any year in between, talking with the folks at your career center early and often can be really useful. Get the most out of your appointment by doing a bit of preparation in advance. For example, have a list of questions ready, or write down a goal for the year and ask for help to achieve the goal. Most career centers can help with choosing a major, planning for longer term careers, finding internships, searching for jobs, applying to graduate school, and a lot more.

Get to know your academic support staff
The folks providing academic support at your school are there to help you. They really want to help, but they won’t know that you need any if you don’t show up and ask for it. Really, it’s totally OK to ask for help. You may need a little, you may need a lot – the help is there for the asking.

Make use of your library’s resources
Your library has a wealth of information and resources at their fingertips, and they make it available to you as part of your tuition. They subscribe to electronic databases of information for nearly every field of study imaginable, and if they don’t have a subscription, they can probably still get their hands on a resource through an inter-library loan system. These electronic databases contain higher quality resources that you’ll typically find in a Google search.

Image source: Elon University

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