Quick Tip: Remove comments before you submit your resume

Remove comments from your resumeIf you’ve ever had a resume reviewed by a friend, professor, or career advisor, they may have added comments, made changes, or revised your document in some way.  This feedback can be very helpful, but if you don’t remove those comments and changes, you may unintentionally send them to your prospective employer!  (Just so you know, I don’t use the comment feature when I review your resume; I’ll send you a video review containing all my suggestions and revisions.)

When you open your resume file, you can choose “No Markup” in the “Display for Review” box, but that will only hide tracked changes temporarily; the changes have not been deleted, and they’ll show up again the next time anyone opens the document. In order to delete the tracked changes permanently, you have to either accept or reject them.  If you’re ever concerned that some comments are still lingering on your resume, run Word’s Document Inspector.  By the way, use this same tip to ensure your term papers and other class assignments are comment-free before you turn them in.

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  1. Nick Reply

    It goes without saying that resumes should be checked, checked and triple checked. The number of mistakes we see in a resumes is staggering, including for executives. Taking an extra 5 minutes to make sure everything is well-presented, accurate and correct can be the difference between being selected for interview or being rejected.

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