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computer-keyboardGuest Author: Take Note Typing
With the constant demand for jobs, many university students feel they have a battle on their hands in the lead up to graduation day. With the constant reports of jobless graduates unable to find work, it is understandable that the task seems daunting. However, things are not as dark as you may think.

Brightside reports that there are less graduates left jobless than at any time, dating as far back as 2007. With the rise in graduate employment, experience in a work-place is still going to be essential for job success. This is where companies such as Take Note Typing come in. They provide full training and opportunities for the individuals they take on board.

Whether that is as an ‘undercover agent’, or another role; with the team of transcription specialists, employees will be able to gain that valuable experience that could be the turning point for job success. They also provide the added bonus of flexible working hours; perfect for students undergoing that final year of university.

Have you ever thought about being a transcriber? If you think this is something you could be good at, why not try out their typing game, which allows you to race with competitors while analysing your typing; reporting your time and level of accuracy. If you are able to type 70 words per minute, you could be their perfect candidate.

The team are currently recruiting, so whether you are looking to gain experience and cash during your last year of university life, or are interested in beginning a full-time role straight away, take a look at their character specifications and follow the instruction to apply.

Source: Brightside

Take Note Typing have been in operation since 2006, providing an accurate transcription service as well as carrying out market research, translation and proofreading services among others.


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