Is our door closing?

Door to unknownUPDATE (10-23-15): I wanted to give a quick update. A few weeks ago I shared that the deadline to renew Sweet Careers’ hosting was fast approaching. That deadline is tomorrow! Thank you everyone who sent us well-wishes and kept us in your prayers. By the Lord’s gracious hand, we have just enough funding to keep our doors open for at least one more year!! I feel so incredibly blessed! Thanks, again! ~Grace
Over the last 7 years, Sweet Careers has provided free resume and cover letter reviews to college students and recent grads from all over the world! It’s been such a huge honour and privilege to get to know so many talented, amazing young professionals. While we also provide affordable fee-based services, the bulk of our work is provided at no cost. In order to do that, we keep our operational costs as low as possible, and I don’t receive a salary for any of the work I do. That’s how much all of you mean to me! But every year, when it’s time to pay for our hosting costs (which takes up the bulk of our budget), we know it could be our last year in operation. That said, we are just weeks away from our hosting renewal date, and don’t yet have the funds to cover our costs for the coming year. However, every previous year, the Lord has miraculously provided just enough funding through sponsors and advertising to keep us going, so perhaps He’ll see fit to do so again this year. But if not, and our season of operation comes to an end, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your support and prayers over the years. I praise God for making this all possible.

If you have received a review from us, I’d love to hear from you and learn how you’ve been doing. Again, thank you so much. Lord willing, we’ll be around for another year!

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