What name should you use on LinkedIn?

nametag Your name is kinda a big deal! Not only does it identify you, but it’s part of your personal brand and is often the first thing about you that your professional community will come to know. But what if you go by a few different names? What if you have a preferred name that is different from your legal name? I am often asked what name to use on LinkedIn or resumes. Of course, the choice is yours, but I suggest using the name that your managers and co-workers would be calling you when you’re working – the name by which you want to be called. Whatever name you decide to use, be consistent using it across all professional platforms (LinkedIn, your resume, About.me, etc.), so that faculty who write letters of recommendation, internship supervisors, classmates, and other professionals can easily identify you. Remember to use the same name when you introduce yourself in interviews, in your email signature, and on your voicemail.

When you start working for an organization, you will need to provide them with your official “legal name,” but that will really only be used for official documents, such as for payroll and taxes.

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  1. Exec Careers Reply

    Agreed, the main thing is choose a name on LinkedIn and be consistent across all platforms, especially when creating an online person brand. Sometimes people have duplicated profiles, so it is important to delete any older profiles and have one profile on each of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other platforms you choose to use.

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