Your Resume Has Little Work Experience? Follow These Tips To Get a Job

get-your-resume-preparedGuest Author: Joe Flanagan

One of the most difficult aspects of finding a job for the first time is the catch 22 situation that you have no work experience. It’s a burden on millions of young job seekers but there are ways to window dress your resume to get that job.

1) Think about your extra-curricular activities

Life doesn’t start and end with a job. Your resume is a reflection of your life achievements and this includes things outside of the realm of work. Consider mentioning any teams you were a part of, this doesn’t just have to be sport, it could be a team of volunteers, a quiz team, a debating team … the list goes on!

2) Explain your studied subjects

You studied 17th Century Philosophical Anthropology? Write a sentence about it that sums up not only your academic qualifications but how that subject taught you specific skills that relate to the job description you are applying to.

3) Keep your resume to one page

As you have little work experience the last thing you want to do is write out pages and pages of waffle. Keep your resume succinct and you’ll find recruiters and hiring managers will find reading it a lot easier and help them zone in on what really matters.

Joe Flanagan is a Senior Consultant at the resume builder at Velvet Jobs. When he’s not providing a variety of career advice you can find him trying to study Mandarin Chinese and going on long hikes in the hills.


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