About Grace Kutney

Grace KutneyI’m a career development professional with 18 years of experience in career advising. I specializes in working with undergraduate students with little-to-no work experience. My special interests include: international students, immigrant populations, young professionals, parents transitioning back into the workforce, faith in the workplace, and Christian career counseling.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I moved to the Fox Valley of Wisconsin in 2001 to join Career Services at Lawrence University. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to combine my passions: career counseling, education, and technology. I provide personalized, dynamic career assistance to help young professionals find meaningful careers.

Today, while serving as the Associate Director for Career Services – Career Advising & Technology at Lawrence University and being Mom to two boys, I operate Sweet Careers Consulting on the side. I started Sweet Careers because I love helping young professionals, and because I realize that making the transition from student to pro is not always easy.

My approach to career development:
I believe career development is a life-long process and that we are active agents of that process. I see myself as an educator, teaching others how to navigate the career development process.

My approach to career consulting:
I’m not a career development guru, rock star, ninja, expert or maven. Sweet Careers isn’t about my career, it’s about yours. My job is:

  • to act as a mirror, reflecting back to you the experience, talents and abilities that you already possess, and helping you communicate them to prospective employers
  • to help you identify any gaps that may exist in your skills and help you find practical ways to address those gaps
  • to be your cheerleader when you’re wondering if you’ll ever find a job
  • to challenge you to find your passion and explore opportunities outside your comfort zone so you can find a career that excites you

About the company name:
“Sweet” is actually my nickname – my family and closest friends have called me Sweet, short for Sweetheart, for as long as I can remember!

More information:
If you are hoping to receive a FREE resume/cover letter review, or are interested in any of our services, I encourage you to further review my qualifications by visiting my LinkedIn profile, exploring my About.me page, or viewing my VisualCV.