Sleep must wait – why I do what I do

Periodically someone asks me why I bother trying to keep up this blog, why I stay up so late thinking about career stuff? It’s not like I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I’m a full time mom, a part time career technology specialist and have two part time contract jobs maintaining websites. So, why forsake sleep almost every night thinking of career tips for this site?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • There are thousands of people who won’t get to sleep tonight because they’ve been laid off – my hope is this site will be a benefit to even a few of them.
  • Gen Y, the population with whom I work closest, is most affected by this recession. If I’m not moved to try to help out, I shouldn’t even be in this field.
  • There are countless numbers of college students, (and recent grads) who are leaving college without any relevant work experience – I can help them learn how to get the experience they need and market their degrees effectively to prospective employers.
  • International students with amazing talent, knowledge and skills are graduating every year and desperate to find employment in the US. As a Philippine-born Canadian with permanent US residence, I appreciate the challenges faced by international students and want to help any way that I can. 
  • Sleep’s a bit overrated! My son didn’t really sleep through the night for the first 6-7 months of his life. So, if I get five or six hours of sleep now, that’s still way more than when my son was first born.  So, I do my work when the rest of the household is asleep.
  • I guess most of all, I’m just grateful that my husband and I are employed – but that can change at any moment. I’m not going to take anything for granted; if I can be of help to anyone right now, I’m going to do it. Sleep can wait.