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Changing Career Paths

Questions Answered: I’m a junior; is it too late to change my career path?

Changing Career PathsQuestion: I’m a college junior majoring in accounting. When I got to college I didn’t know what I wanted to major in so I picked accounting because my dad is an accountant. My grades are decent, but the more classes I take and accountants I talk to the more I realize I don’t want to be an accountant! I am pretty sure I want to pursue a career in higher education, maybe admissions or student life. I’ve been involved in res life almost my whole time in college and I really love it. What should I do? Should I change majors? Is it too late for that? ~ Tyrel H., Anaheim, CA

Answer: Realizing that you want to change career paths can happen at any time; in fact, it can happen several times throughout your life. Taking time to speak with professionals in a prospective career field, as you have done, can really help you make decisions about the career’s fit with your interests, skills, goals, and needs (financial, personal, spiritual, etc.). Interning or otherwise gaining practical experience in the career is another excellent way to determine if the career is a suitable fit.

When planning to switch majors, there is typically some amount of time and extra money that will be needed to make up pre-requisite courses and take the required courses for the new major. While this may set you back financially and in terms of when you graduate, in the long run, you will have saved yourself the potential emotional and financial stress of working in an occupation that is the wrong fit. Changing majors is an important decision, so speaking with academic advisors, career counselors, your parents, faculty/students in the new major, and professionals in the new career path is also important.

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Snow Angel

Give Yourself a Snow Day

A little while ago, we shared a few career lessons from a snow day. Given all the snow we’ve been getting in Wisconsin this winter, we couldn’t help but think of another. If, like many college students, you’ve had your hands full with mid-terms, research papers, presentations, and a ton of reading, not to mention applying for full time employment, […]

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4 BAD Reasons to Choose a Major

College students will often reference a combination of reasons for choosing their major, including interest, job requirements, salary, etc. Making your major selection based on a combination of factors is expected – and a good idea. On the other hand, choosing your major based solely on one criteria can lead to frustration! Here are 4 BAD reasons to choose your major:

  1. Your parents made you do it
    It’s great to have parental support for the major decisions you make, but if the only reason you are choosing a particular major, or career, is that your parents wanted you to choose it, you’re likely in for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, your parents probably know you quite well, and their opinion counts. Just don’t base your decision solely on their opinion…or entirely on anyone else’s, for that matter.
  2. It’s what your best friend/significant other chose
    You probably have quite a bit in common with your friends, but don’t assume that the right major for them will be the right major for you. That said, it can be really helpful to ask your friends about their department culture, course load, faculty and overall satisfaction with their major. If you’re unsure about choosing a particular major, this information may help you make a decision.
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Leverage College Career Centers in Your Job Search

Guest Author: CareerAlley

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Francis Bacon

There’s nothing like great advice, especially if it is free. Of course, that is what the Internet is all about. In the “old days” (like when I went to college), the only way to get to your college career center was to visit it on campus. Now, most (if not all) career centers at colleges and universities have an online site. So, this not only gives you access to your college career center but potentially, to every college career center. Why, you may ask, do you care? Let’s face it. The only reason people go to college is to enable them to enter the field of their choice. If college did not help you get into the field of your choice, no one would go. College career centers are designed to help you enter the workforce (or change jobs). Not convinced? Maybe today’s post will change your mind on the value of college career centers. (more…)

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