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Impressive Changes at WFU’s Office of Personal & Career Development

In December of 2008, I responded to an article by Wake Forest University president Nathan Hatch in which he laid out, among other things, the importance of enhancing college career centers in order to allow them to focus on career development, not just job placement. At the time, I absolutely agreed, but also offered my thoughts on how, from a […]

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Securing your career while navigating the winds of change

UPDATED! As a member of Career Collective–a community of resume writers and career coaches, this article is one of many responses to Quintessential Careers “Job Action Day”. I encourage you to visit other members’ responses, which will be linked at the end of my article on November 2nd. Please follow our hashtag on Twitter: #careercollective.

There is no denying that the winds of economic change have had a significant impact on the job market. In order for college students and recent graduates to be successful in securing your careers, you will need to learn to effectively navigate these and future job market changes. Fortunately, there are career lessons we can garner from the characteristics of the wind itself.

Lesson 1: When faced with obstacles, wind finds a way
Last winter, I noticed that my basement was feeling particularly drafty. The culprit? Cold drafts were flowing through the electrical outlets! It’s really quite amazing how the wind always finds a way to navigate over, under, around, or even through obstacles, (large or small), that may stand in its path. More interesting still is that it won’t necessarily follow the exact same path every single time, even when faced with the same obstacles. When it comes to establishing your career, having the flexibility, like the wind, to adjust to a variety of obstacles is vital.


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There’s still room for a little kindness

This post is about being kind – in the workplace, and in life. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit old fashioned, maybe a bit backward. Some will say, “Grace, that just doesn’t work in the real world.” I mentioned this topic to a colleague and his response was, “Nobody gets ahead by being nice and kind. Are you sure you want to write about that?” Yes, actually, I DO want to write about this topic. More than ever. It seems like everywhere I look, I see people saying things and doing things that are mean – in the name of “getting ahead.”

So, I’m going to go ahead and write, albeit briefly, about being kind. However, I also realize that this post will likely not be shared or tweeted nearly as far and wide as other posts. That’s ok. These simple things still need to be stated.

So, here are a few thoughts about kindness.

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