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Quick Tips: Your success team?

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) Who’s on your success team? Surround yourself with individuals who inspire you. These should be people you trust, whose work ethic is admirable. Drop the “friends” that are unmotivated and are sabotaging their own success. Your success team doesn’t have to be in your field or industry. They do need to be […]

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How interesting are you to prospective employers?

During an interview, you will likely be asked why you are interested in _____ field, why you are interested in pursuing ____ career, why you’re interested in working for _____ organization. There is a positive correlation between the quality of your responses and the interviewer’s interest in you – the more sincere, detailed, and thoughtful your responses, the more interesting you will be to the interviewer.
So, how interested are you in your field?

  • Are you staying current with trends, technologies, and news that impact your field?
  • Are you reading relevant journals and trade magazines?
  • Are you networking with professionals either via professional associations, online communities, or both?
  • Are you actively contributing to the field, even in basic ways, like participating in conferences, writing blog posts, commenting on articles, attending lectures, taking classes, volunteering?
  • Are you looking for ways to advance the field by pursuing new or innovative approaches to current practices?


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Enhancing college career development offices

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Nathan Hatch’s (president of Wake Forest University) article, “Students need our help looking beyond paycheck.” Among other things, President Hatch argues that “universities should enhance career development programs to go beyond mere job placement” (Amen to that!). As a career development professional, I whole-heartedly agree. At the same time, however, I am faced with the reality that for some of our institutions, career development offices are simply not staffed or equipped to assist all of the students in desperate need of our help.   (more…)

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