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Your Resume Has Little Work Experience? Follow These Tips To Get a Job

Guest Author: Joe Flanagan One of the most difficult aspects of finding a job for the first time is the catch 22 situation that you have no work experience. It’s a burden on millions of young job seekers but there are ways to window dress your resume to get that job. 1) Think about your extra-curricular activities Life doesn’t start […]

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Bridging The Gap With Take Note Typing

Guest Author: Take Note Typing With the constant demand for jobs, many university students feel they have a battle on their hands in the lead up to graduation day. With the constant reports of jobless graduates unable to find work, it is understandable that the task seems daunting. However, things are not as dark as you may think. Brightside reports […]

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6 Tips for Starting Your New School Year

Take time to get to know who your academic advisor is; they can be an invaluable resource when it comes to planning your classes, understanding campus policies, and finding additional resources that you’ll need. Definitely take advantage of your faculty’s office hours. Try to follow a (flexible) schedule that takes into account class time, study, work, social time, exercise and […]

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Resume Phrases – Resident Assistant

residence_lifeAs a resident assistant, the work you do is vital to your residents and your campus, but sometimes, capturing the richness of your experience on a resume can be challenging. Here are a handful of sample resume phrases to help you describe your Resident Assistant experience: (more…)

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