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Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Cover Letters

Guest Author: CareerAlley

This is the second post in the Job Search Marketing Toolkit series and today’s post will focus on Cover Letters. While not as important as your resume, your cover letter is typically the first thing a recruiter or company HR representative sees. If it is missing or poorly put together it is unlikely they will even look at your resume so it is important to get this right. Cover letters generally date back to the days of “snail mail” (for more on Snail Mail, please see my post – Job Hunting with “Snail mail”) but have made the transition to the Internet as the content of your email sent when forwarding your resume.

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Quick Tips: Cover Letters

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) Use a formal business style when writing your cover letter, whether you send it in the body of an e-mail, as an attachment or in paper form Address the letter to a person, i.e. Dear Mr./Ms. ___: Send to “Hiring Committee” only if necessary; please do not address the letter “To Whom […]

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