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Does Your Background Make You Unique?

Guest Author: Jessica has a true passion for the job seeker, evidenced by her desire to share everything she can with everyone she can about resume writing and interviewing.

When I was in college, one of my classes featured a section on the family dynamics of different ethnicities found throughout the U.S. Having grown up in an area full of socioeconomic and racial diversity, I found the textbook discussions of how certain types of families operated stereotypical and of little value. My professor had sensed my annoyance with the topic; and after class one day, she asked me about it. She told me that it was necessary to teach the material, because many students at my school had never been exposed to much cultural diversity.

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Perceived Weakness

The interesting thing about weaknesses is that they are not all created equal. When it comes to job search, some weaknesses are truly problematic (e.g. you have no formal training, experience or skill applicable to the position to which you are applying). Then, there are perceived weaknesses that can actually turn out to be strengths. To illustrate, let’s take a look at the story of “Jenn.”

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Around the Web in 7 Days: 3-13-09

In this weekly segment, I post 7 career articles that caught my eye over the past week – articles I think are worth your attention.

Job Forecast for College Seniors: Grimmer Than Ever
I start this week’s Web in 7 post with a grim reminder of just how bad the job market is for the Class of 2009. While it may seem like this news is obvious, I’ve encountered several job seekers over the past few weeks who wondered if the market was “really that bad,” so I feel this Time article is still relevant and important to share.

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Taking stock of your international experience

Busy Market in the Philippines
If you are an international student, a domestic student who has studied abroad, or a professional who has worked in multiple countries, it will be useful to take stock of your international experience in order to become more comfortable marketing it to prospective employers. But you may be wondering if you have any international experience that would be valuable to an employer. The following list of questions is intended to help you begin to identify some of the international knowledge, skills and experience you possess.
Language and Communication Skills:

  • What languages do you speak? Write? Understand?
  • In what languages are you fluent?
  • Do you have a professional network (i.e. professional contacts) in other countries?
  • Do you have an ear for understanding different accents?
  • Are you able to recognize different meanings in gesturing from more than one culture?
  • (For example, hand waves and head nods can mean vastly different things from one culture to the next.)
  • Do you understand slang words in more than one language or dialect?


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