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Checklist for How to Make Smart Use of Your Summer

Guest Author: Dr. Debi Yohn
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15 Ideas for Using Your Summer to Build your Resume

Do you have a college student in your house? What are their plans for this summer? Now is the time to be making summer plans so the summer is productive. Don’t kid yourself, by June, the good jobs are GONE.

Think creatively and have your student think of ways to build their resume. Use the summer to get a jump start on college course work, to have a volunteer experience, or have a work experience.

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Questions Answered: Help! My son’s a college senior and hasn’t started job searching.

“My son is a senior in college and he hasn’t started his job search yet. I can’t seem to get him to get in high gear. I’m tempted to write his resume for him and just start sending it around but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea.Any suggestions?”

First of all, let me say that your son is fortunate to have a parent who is so invested in his future. You are right, however, that it would NOT be a good idea for you to write his resume for him, or to conduct his job search on his behalf.

There may be a number of factors contributing to your son’s apparent disinterest in starting his job search.

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Enhancing college career development offices

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Nathan Hatch’s (president of Wake Forest University) article, “Students need our help looking beyond paycheck.” Among other things, President Hatch argues that “universities should enhance career development programs to go beyond mere job placement” (Amen to that!). As a career development professional, I whole-heartedly agree. At the same time, however, I am faced with the reality that for some of our institutions, career development offices are simply not staffed or equipped to assist all of the students in desperate need of our help.   (more…)

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Tips for returning to the job market after an absence

If you are planning to re-enter the job market after any significant absence, the task may feel rather daunting. The following are some suggestions to help make your return to the job market a bit smoother. Keep your skills current:If you plan on returning to the same field from which you had taken your leave, do your best to keep […]

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