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5 Tips for Staying Employable as a Young Professional

professional_developmentWhether you’re just about to start your first professional job or you’ve been working for a few years, the need to keep your skills fresh and relevant is always present. US workers will hold an average of 11 jobs over the course of their lifetime; your first professional job is not likely going to be your last. Here are 5 tips for staying employable, even when you’re already employed:

1. Continue networking – Even though you have a job and are not actively searching for employment, continue to network and build your base of professional connections.

  • Consider joining professional associations either through your employer’s memberships or on your own.
  • Leverage the power of social media to stay connected with like-minded professionals all over the world.
  • Use a variety of strategies to network, even when your work schedule is full.

2. Read broadly in your field – Stay current by reading articles from your professional associations’ publications and various trade journals.

  • Follow, and engage, your industry’s thought leaders on Twitter and LinkedIn, and read up on the trends and movements impacting your field.
  • Subscribe to relevant blogs and other curators of industry news.


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Passive job seeker = cookie cutter job seeker

As a member of a new community of resume writers and career coaches called the Career Collective, this post is one of many responses to the question, “Are you a cookie cutter job seeker?” I encourage you to visit other members’ responses, linked at the end of my reply! Please follow our hashtag on Twitter: #careercollective.

Are you a cookie cutter job seeker? As I thought about this question, I wondered what it meant? It dawned on me that cookie cutter job seekers are, in many ways, passive job seekers. In a previous post, I asked, “Are you a passive job seeker? You might be, but don’t realize it.” In that post, I offered a number of scenarios and argued why each was, in fact, a passive approach to the job search – i.e. a cookie cutter approach. Today, I present a few more scenarios.

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Quick Tips: Info interviews in familiar territory

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) If info interviews are intimidating, try interviewing professionals at your university. Universities employ professionals in public relations, human resources, and IT, as well as accountants, nurses, artists, curators, and other occupations. Once you’re comfortable with info interviewing on your campus, branch out to interview professionals in your industry of choice.

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Networking is icky! …or maybe not.

Ok, for some of us, the thought of networking is just plain icky, not to mention scary. To be honest, that was how I felt, especially when I was still new to my field and did not have any work experience. I thought networking was just another word for “sucking up.” And then I realized, networking is just a means of gathering and sharing information. It doesn’t need to be icky.

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