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Internship Basics – Making a List of Sites

Once you know that you want to intern and have determined when you hope to intern, your next major step will be to develop a list of potential internship sites. But where do you find internship opportunities? There are numerous resources available to identify internships – sometimes, too many. I suggest sticking with fewer resource, at least initially, to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Print resources

Your campus career center will likely have internship books, like Vault Top Internships or the Career Education Institutes’ series of books, including “Washington Internships in Law and Policy,” “Big Green Internship Book,” “Internships with Community and Social Service Agencies,” and “The Museum Internship Book.” Many of these books are republished every year or every other year.

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Internship Basics – When should I intern?

The bulk of students choose to intern during the summer between junior and senior year, however, more and more students are seeking opportunities after sophomore and even freshman year. One reason for this increased interest in interning is that competition for internship opportunities can be fierce, requiring successful candidates to already have internship experience in order to qualify for their […]

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Internship Basics – Can I get paid?

There are many internship opportunities that pay, but many do not. Business, computer science, biomedical and accounting opportunities are generally more likely to be paid. Typically, internships in the arts, human service and within non-profit organizations are more likely to be unpaid. A few organizations will provide room and board in lieu of payment. Some organizations may require interns to […]

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Internship Basics – I’m an international student, can I intern in the United States?

UPDATED – Yes international students can intern in the United States; you must check with your international student coordinator to ensure that you follow the correct process. If you want to intern in the US, you typically have two options: Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Most international students prefer to use CPT when interning because it […]

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