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Guest Author: 4 More Habits of Highly Ineffective Job Seekers

By: Kevin Donlin [Recently], I [wrote] about three habits of highly ineffective job seekers. [Now] here’s the final installment: four more bad habits that can wreck your career. Have a look below to see if you’re practicing any. If so, drop these habits now, and you may start getting more calls from employers tomorrow … Habit 1) Say “But” instead […]

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Holiday Job Search Tips for College Students

Here are some tips for keeping your job search and career planning alive over the holidays. After a long semester, it’s sometimes hard to get motivated to do your job search or to think about career development. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done over the fall, and take time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished over […]

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The Real Way to Get a Job Using Social Media Revealed (summary)

In this article, Dan Schawbel shares his secrets to using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to network and find jobs. Read the full article. Here’s a quick summary: Conduct a people search“The first thing you need to know is that you get jobs through people and not random submissions or “hail marry’s.” The second thing you need to […]

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