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International Students and Employment

If you’re an international student hoping to work in the United States after completing your undergraduate degree, you have a few hurdles ahead of you. The way I see things, you have three major hurdles to overcome: Through coursework and practical experience, mastering the content knowledge required within your chosen field Becoming comfortable articulating your value to prospective employers and network […]

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Summer Job

Get the most out of your summer job

If you’ve chosen to work for the summer rather than take an unpaid internship, don’t think that your summertime employment has to be completely left off your future resumes. With some planning, creativity and a proactive attitude, you can turn your summer job into a career-building experience. Here are a few tips: Identify the skills you want to develop – […]

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Job Search = Dating

OK, maybe finding a job isn’t exactly like dating, but there are similarities – at least if you’re doing it right. Perhaps if I used an older term, like “courtship,” it would make more sense. Picture it, a beautiful young lady – she’s smart, talented, witty, and funny. Along come two very different young men. The first handsome young man […]

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