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Passive job seeker = cookie cutter job seeker

As a member of a new community of resume writers and career coaches called the Career Collective, this post is one of many responses to the question, “Are you a cookie cutter job seeker?” I encourage you to visit other members’ responses, linked at the end of my reply! Please follow our hashtag on Twitter: #careercollective.

Are you a cookie cutter job seeker? As I thought about this question, I wondered what it meant? It dawned on me that cookie cutter job seekers are, in many ways, passive job seekers. In a previous post, I asked, “Are you a passive job seeker? You might be, but don’t realize it.” In that post, I offered a number of scenarios and argued why each was, in fact, a passive approach to the job search – i.e. a cookie cutter approach. Today, I present a few more scenarios.

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