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Your Resume Has Little Work Experience? Follow These Tips To Get a Job

Guest Author: Joe Flanagan One of the most difficult aspects of finding a job for the first time is the catch 22 situation that you have no work experience. It’s a burden on millions of young job seekers but there are ways to window dress your resume to get that job. 1) Think about your extra-curricular activities Life doesn’t start […]

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Campus Job

4 Tips for Landing a Campus Job

Campus JobCampus jobs are an excellent, convenient place to earn money while gaining practical, transferable skills. Here are 4 tips to help you land a great campus job.

Check with your school’s human resources department AND financial aid office AND career services office.
Schools deal with student employment differently. Some have a centralized office, others rely on individual departments to post their opportunities. HR is a good starting place. Financial aid sometimes gets involved depending on your work-study eligibility. Career service may post on-campus jobs along with off-campus opportunities. So ask around to find out how on-campus employment is managed at your school.

Visit departments for which you’d like to work
A lot of college departments hire students. The typical places (library, bookstore, food services, physical plant, admissions, athletics, residence life) may have a standard hiring and training schedule. But many other departments (career services, academic advising, international student services, IT, major-specific departments, business office – just to name a few), may also have opportunities available, but may hire at different times throughout the school year.

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Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus: Diversity/Cultural Awareness

Many valuable transferable skills can be gained through common on-campus jobs and activities. This series of articles, “Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus” highlights some common positions found on many university campuses (not an exhaustive list of campus positions). Each article will feature a different transferable skill and provide examples of resume phrases that coincide with the campus positions. (Image source)


Library worker

  • Acted as first point of contact for community members, including toddlers, teens, business people and retirees


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Perceived Weakness

The interesting thing about weaknesses is that they are not all created equal. When it comes to job search, some weaknesses are truly problematic (e.g. you have no formal training, experience or skill applicable to the position to which you are applying). Then, there are perceived weaknesses that can actually turn out to be strengths. To illustrate, let’s take a look at the story of “Jenn.”

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