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4 Work From Home Careers for Today’s College Grad

Guest Author: Elyse Hartman is the owner and operator of an educational website dedicated to the medical coding profession. She welcomes your comments and questions at

The college graduate of today is a different breed of cat. This person is not content with just sitting in a cubicle, hoping for promotion someday. New college graduates are more likely to go an alternative route and perhaps be an entrepreneur or be employed in a less than traditional workplace. As such, work from home careers are increasingly common. Here are four options with plenty of appeal:

1. Medical Coding

Those with technically oriented degrees have the best chance of working from home. A medical coding career has always been an occupation with a home base flavor to it, and those college graduates of programs accredited by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) will find the work is both satisfying and well-paying. Medical coding work is in the area of records keeping and the demand for accurate data, due to both billing and requirements mandated by law, are creating opportunities for people with higher levels of education. The demand for qualified medical coders is expected to stay fairly strong for the next few years, so there will be no want of employment.

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Securing your career while navigating the winds of change

UPDATED! As a member of Career Collective–a community of resume writers and career coaches, this article is one of many responses to Quintessential Careers “Job Action Day”. I encourage you to visit other members’ responses, which will be linked at the end of my article on November 2nd. Please follow our hashtag on Twitter: #careercollective.

There is no denying that the winds of economic change have had a significant impact on the job market. In order for college students and recent graduates to be successful in securing your careers, you will need to learn to effectively navigate these and future job market changes. Fortunately, there are career lessons we can garner from the characteristics of the wind itself.

Lesson 1: When faced with obstacles, wind finds a way
Last winter, I noticed that my basement was feeling particularly drafty. The culprit? Cold drafts were flowing through the electrical outlets! It’s really quite amazing how the wind always finds a way to navigate over, under, around, or even through obstacles, (large or small), that may stand in its path. More interesting still is that it won’t necessarily follow the exact same path every single time, even when faced with the same obstacles. When it comes to establishing your career, having the flexibility, like the wind, to adjust to a variety of obstacles is vital.


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Flexibility = key to staying employable

The unfortunate reality of the current job market is that it is exceedingly difficult to find full time employment, especially employment that is related to your field of interest. However, if you’re willing to remain flexible, you’ll likely find yourself far more employable when the job market finally makes a turn for the better. Here are some suggestions for ways to stay flexible.

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Questions Answered: Help! My son’s a college senior and hasn’t started job searching.

“My son is a senior in college and he hasn’t started his job search yet. I can’t seem to get him to get in high gear. I’m tempted to write his resume for him and just start sending it around but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea.Any suggestions?”

First of all, let me say that your son is fortunate to have a parent who is so invested in his future. You are right, however, that it would NOT be a good idea for you to write his resume for him, or to conduct his job search on his behalf.

There may be a number of factors contributing to your son’s apparent disinterest in starting his job search.

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