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Questions Answered: I lied on my resume; what should I do now?

Question: I wasn’t entirely honest on my resume. I wrote down that I knew a particular technique but I don’t actually know it, I’ve just heard of it. Now I’m feeling guilty. What should I do? ~ Rojirah M., Baltimore, MD Answer: You have a few options after submitting a resume or application that has false or inaccurate information on […]

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JOB SEARCH! Your ATTITUDE, the HIDDEN JOB MARKET and a comment on your RESUME!

Guest Author: Ron Cottick, CPC, CHRM

ATTITUDE is critical to carrying you through tough times, whether it is health issues, financial issues, problems with a home, maybe a car, or even, your JOB SEARCH. If you do not have a good ATTITUDE almost nothing else matters.

Now I know that sometimes it is tough having or keeping a good ATTITUDE. It takes a lot of faith in what you are doing. What I do when I need an ATTITUDE check is go into survivor mode. What I mean by that is I think of what I have been through before and how I got through it. I ask myself “what did I do to get through this”? I also think about what I learned from previous experiences and try to apply them to the current issues that are working on my ATTITUDE. I have self-inflicted a lot on myself, and family, but we have always come through and always have come out the better. The next issue that comes up usually doesn’t seem as dramatic because I believe in the Marine saying “that that does not kill you makes you stronger”. Now who can argue with a Marine?

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FREE Resume/Cover Letter Reviews for EVERYONE to aid Ondoy relief efforts

On September 26, 2008, Typhoon Ketsana, known in the Philippines as Ondoy, ravaged southeast Asia, leaving hundreds dead and many more homeless. Sweet Careers already offers free resume/cover letter reviews for current college students and recent graduates. For the rest of October, Sweet Careers will be offering free resume or cover letter reviews to EVERYONE to aid in the relief […]

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