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Questions Answered: Should I include “adult entertainer” on my resume?

woman-silhouetteQuestion: I’ve been an actress in adult films for the last five years. It has been my primary income while I’ve been in college. I’m about to graduate and I’ve been applying for entry level chemistry technician jobs. I am not ashamed of my work, but I’m not sure how to include this on my resume or if I even have to include it.  But I don’t want it to look like I have no work experience. I put myself through school and was basically working a full time job while being a full time student. I don’t have the typical “campus” jobs to list on my resume either. What should I do?  ~ Meira, Florida

Answer: This is an important question! The basic rule of thumb for writing a resume is to only include experience that is related and relevant to the positions to which you are now applying. Although the chronological resume format, (one that lists your related work experience in reverse chronological order), is most popular, it is not always the most effective for every job seeker. Especially for college students, recent college graduates, and people who are changing career fields, who have limited related work experience, a combination format resume, (which is based on skill set), may make the most sense – at least until you have that first related job under your belt.

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Network by phone, Skype or through social media.

Questions Answered: How can I network with my busy schedule?


Network by phone, Skype or through social media.

Network by phone, Skype or through social media.

Question: I’m a non-traditional college student. I work full time during the day, have a part time job and I’m taking college courses at night, or online, and during the weekends. I am also raising two school age kids. My school offers some networking events, but I’m usually at work or in class when they are happening. I know I’m supposed to network, but I can’t figure out a practical way to get to any networking events or to meet people in my field. At the moment, I don’t work in the field that I want to get into, so I kind of have to start from scratch. How am I supposed to networking with people? ~ Abira, Detroit, MI

Answer: Abira, first let me congratulate you on working so hard and managing so many important responsibilities at once. You’re right, networking is a vital part of an effect job search, but it is not feasible for every job seeker to attend every networking event. Here are some tips for fitting networking into your busy schedule.

Set up phone or Skype informational interviews:

  • Meeting in person is not the only option when it comes to networking. Conducting informational interviews is an excellent way to gather valuable information about your field, a particular company, or an occupation.  Moreover, info interviews give you a safe venue for introducing yourself to potential contacts.  Fortunately, these don’t have to be done in person.
  • Identify professionals in your future field and within your geographic region; a site like LinkedIn or a professional association are good places to start looking for possible contacts.
  • Since your college career center offers networking opportunities, get in touch with their office and let them know that, while you would very much like to go to the events, your schedule does not allow for you to attend. Ask if they can share the contact information for the employers or alumni who will be participating in the on-campus networking events.
  • The info interviews do not have to be particularly long, especially if you prepare specific questions in advance.  15 to 20 minutes could give you plenty of time to ask questions while also sharing some information about yourself, your career interests and goals.
  • Try to schedule the info interviews over lunch, during breaks, in between classes, or on the weekends. (more…)

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I hate my job

Questions Answered: I hate my new job! Can I start looking for another one?

Question: I graduated in May of last year and accepted pretty much the first job offer I got. I’ve been in this job for less than 6 months and I hate it! I know I should be grateful to have a job, but is it ok if I start looking for another job? – Morgan, South Dakota Answer: Morgan, you’re […]

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Questions Answered: Should I date my co-worker?

Question: I’m interning at my dream company for the fall and spring semesters. Things have been going really well, but here’s my question. There’s a guy in my department that I’m really into. He is definitely interested in me, too. He is a full time, regular employee. I asked around and there doesn’t seem to be any policy against dating. Would dating him ruin my chances of getting a full time offer at this company? – Lyanne, Lubbock, TX

Answer: First, congratulations on landing an internship at your dream company. Any time we try to mix our work and personal lives, things can get a bit tricky. The first thing I would suggest is getting in touch with your Human Resources department to get confirmation that a dating policy does not exist. Also find out if there’s a policy against employees dating interns, which may be considered a different situation than employees dating one another. Next, check with your school to find out if there is a college policy about interns dating co-workers. You just want to check all your bases.

There are a few other things to consider, as well: (more…)

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