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Quick Tips: Resumes Re-visited

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) Resume phrases should emphasize what you accomplished, but should be relevant to the job to which you are now applying If resume phrase isn’t obviously related to the prospective position, re-phrase it to make relevance obvious OR get delete it Use active verbs to write your resume phrases (i.e. designed, organized, summarized); […]

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Quick Tips: Developing Your Skills Outside the Classroom

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) While a student identify skills that you lack or need improved. Seek opportunities to develop those skills. Be creative; get involved. Involvement can be short or long term. Student organizations, (clubs, Greek life) are great places to consider Get communications skills through toastmasters, phone-a-thons, admissions tour guide, as tutor, RA, peer advising, […]

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Quick Tips: Your success team?

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) Who’s on your success team? Surround yourself with individuals who inspire you. These should be people you trust, whose work ethic is admirable. Drop the “friends” that are unmotivated and are sabotaging their own success. Your success team doesn’t have to be in your field or industry. They do need to be […]

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