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Resume Phrases – Food Services Worker

Whether it’s working at a restaurant, a pub, at the campus cafeteria, or on the catering staff, working in food service is a solid employment option either on or off-campus. If you’re not sure how to translate your Food Service experience on your résumé, here are some sample résumé phrases that may help: Worked professionally with diverse range of patrons, […]

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Resume Phrases – Mathematics

As a mathematics major, you’ve probably spent a lot of time analyzing data, solving problem sets, and creating models, but how do you capture all of that classroom and math lab experience on your resume? Here are a few sample resume phrases to get you started: Thorough knowledge of statistical modeling, techniques and practices Formulated and analyzed mathematical models for […]

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Resume Phrases for Biology Majors

Through your biology coursework, you will likely learn a variety of laboratory techniques, study concepts in genetics, molecular, systems, and developmental biology, and conduct a wide range of print and lab research.  But how do you write about these experiences on your resume? Here are some sample resume phrases that may be helpful in describing your classroom and lab experience: […]

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Resume Phrases for Anthropology Majors

As an Anthropology major, you’re likely exposed to a wide range of theoretical perspectives and research methods, given the opportunity to study different civilizations, cultures, and languages, and have perhaps participated in field research. But how do you capture these great experiences on your resume? Here are a handful of resume phrases that may be helpful in describing your classroom, […]

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