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Did you realize that you can gain analytical and critical thinking skills from campus jobs?

Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus: Analytical/Critical Thinking

Did you realize that you can gain analytical and critical thinking skills from campus jobs?

Employers want candidates that can think critically. You’ve gained analytical skills in the classroom, but did you realize that you’ve also gained them through on-campus employment? Here are some examples of resumes phrases describing analytical skills gained through common campus jobs.


Library worker

  • Offered suggestion for creating Facebook group for library workers, helping to encourage community-building
  • Helped problem solve solution for scheduling conflicts among student staff

Food service/catering worker

  • Determined most efficient and effective procedures for setting up large-scale events, such as eliminating redundant steps to improve speed of room setup
  • Identified error in equipment calibration; communicated problem with supervisor immediately, resulting in savings of over $200 in wasted product
  • (more…)

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Perceived Weakness

The interesting thing about weaknesses is that they are not all created equal. When it comes to job search, some weaknesses are truly problematic (e.g. you have no formal training, experience or skill applicable to the position to which you are applying). Then, there are perceived weaknesses that can actually turn out to be strengths. To illustrate, let’s take a look at the story of “Jenn.”

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Quick Tips: Developing Your Skills Outside the Classroom

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers) While a student identify skills that you lack or need improved. Seek opportunities to develop those skills. Be creative; get involved. Involvement can be short or long term. Student organizations, (clubs, Greek life) are great places to consider Get communications skills through toastmasters, phone-a-thons, admissions tour guide, as tutor, RA, peer advising, […]

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