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Five ways to increase your online reputation

Guest Author: Brent Swisher, owner of The Web Counts, a company specializing in online reputation and personal websites.
Website: The Web Counts

Online reputation, whether you have been searching for a job for a while, or are just entering the job market, it’s probably something you have heard about.  But how can you increase your online reputation?  What are some easy steps you can take to start developing it?  Here are five easy ways to get started:

  1. Launch a Personal Website
    A personal website serves as your base of operations; it’s the hub that links all of your online activity together.  Whether it is a blog, an online portfolio, or something in between, it should become the definitive place to get information about you.
  2. (more…)

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I ask U: College students and recent grads: How do you, or DO you, use LinkedIn?

I enjoy getting to know my readers whenever I get the chance. This week, I’d like to learn how, or if, you use LinkedIn. A poll is embedded below; please take a moment to complete it. I’d love to read your comments, too.


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Guest Post: Job Searching and Social Media

Guest Author: Jennifer Carpenter, Junior Copywriter
If you’re in the process of a job search right now, you know there are many roads you can follow on your quest for success.

Perhaps the latest and most innovative trend is searching for jobs via social media sites. While there are differing opinions out there as to whether or not this approach is the most effective, using social social media sites allows job seekers to network, which is one of the most important steps to finding employment.

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