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How interesting are you to prospective employers?

During an interview, you will likely be asked why you are interested in _____ field, why you are interested in pursuing ____ career, why you’re interested in working for _____ organization. There is a positive correlation between the quality of your responses and the interviewer’s interest in you – the more sincere, detailed, and thoughtful your responses, the more interesting you will be to the interviewer.
So, how interested are you in your field?

  • Are you staying current with trends, technologies, and news that impact your field?
  • Are you reading relevant journals and trade magazines?
  • Are you networking with professionals either via professional associations, online communities, or both?
  • Are you actively contributing to the field, even in basic ways, like participating in conferences, writing blog posts, commenting on articles, attending lectures, taking classes, volunteering?
  • Are you looking for ways to advance the field by pursuing new or innovative approaches to current practices?


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Tips for returning to the job market after an absence

If you are planning to re-enter the job market after any significant absence, the task may feel rather daunting. The following are some suggestions to help make your return to the job market a bit smoother. Keep your skills current:If you plan on returning to the same field from which you had taken your leave, do your best to keep […]

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The Real Way to Get a Job Using Social Media Revealed (summary)

In this article, Dan Schawbel shares his secrets to using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to network and find jobs. Read the full article. Here’s a quick summary: Conduct a people search“The first thing you need to know is that you get jobs through people and not random submissions or “hail marry’s.” The second thing you need to […]

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