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Taking stock of your international experience

Busy Market in the Philippines
If you are an international student, a domestic student who has studied abroad, or a professional who has worked in multiple countries, it will be useful to take stock of your international experience in order to become more comfortable marketing it to prospective employers. But you may be wondering if you have any international experience that would be valuable to an employer. The following list of questions is intended to help you begin to identify some of the international knowledge, skills and experience you possess.
Language and Communication Skills:

  • What languages do you speak? Write? Understand?
  • In what languages are you fluent?
  • Do you have a professional network (i.e. professional contacts) in other countries?
  • Do you have an ear for understanding different accents?
  • Are you able to recognize different meanings in gesturing from more than one culture?
  • (For example, hand waves and head nods can mean vastly different things from one culture to the next.)
  • Do you understand slang words in more than one language or dialect?


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