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Secret Job Search

9 Ways You Can Job Search on LinkedIn Confidentially

Guest Author: A nationally recognized resume expert, Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast and a former human resources manager and recruiter.

Is It Possible to Job Search on LinkedIn Confidentially?

You’re presently employed and job searching, so you want to use LinkedIn to find new opportunities (or be discovered by recruiters), but you’re concerned that your current employer or someone you know will see your updated profile and catch on to what you’re doing. Is it possible to job search on LinkedIn without being “found out”? After speaking with a potential client this week who wanted us to write his LinkedIn profile for him but was nervous that his connections would figure out what he was up to, I decided to do a little research of my own. Here’s what I found:

You can actually turn off your network updates. Great tips for using LinkedIn for a confidential job search from Meg Guiseppi:


You can adjust who can see your activity and connections:

You can change your profile settings so you can browse profiles of target companies you want to work for, career experts you want to engage, or HR contacts you want to connect with and no one will know (even the person whose profile you’re viewing): Here’s how:

  • Go to your profile settings and click privacy settings.
  • Under privacy settings click profile views.
  • Under the last setting click that you want to be completely invisible to users that you’ve viewed.



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Questions Answered: Should I date my co-worker?

Question: I’m interning at my dream company for the fall and spring semesters. Things have been going really well, but here’s my question. There’s a guy in my department that I’m really into. He is definitely interested in me, too. He is a full time, regular employee. I asked around and there doesn’t seem to be any policy against dating. Would dating him ruin my chances of getting a full time offer at this company? – Lyanne, Lubbock, TX

Answer: First, congratulations on landing an internship at your dream company. Any time we try to mix our work and personal lives, things can get a bit tricky. The first thing I would suggest is getting in touch with your Human Resources department to get confirmation that a dating policy does not exist. Also find out if there’s a policy against employees dating interns, which may be considered a different situation than employees dating one another. Next, check with your school to find out if there is a college policy about interns dating co-workers. You just want to check all your bases.

There are a few other things to consider, as well: (more…)

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Top 8 Word Mistakes Made in Job Interviews

Guest Author: Carole Martin

1. Using informal language

Too much familiarity can hurt your chances by making you look unprofessional. It is important to remember that you are interviewing for a job, not trying to make a new best friend. Too much familiarity can hurt your chances by making you look unprofessional.

Poor Phrase:
“I’m sure you guys are aware that the job market is in the dumps right now. It’s been one heck of an uphill battle for me for the past year.”

Perfect Phrase:
“Unfortunately, as I am sure you are aware, the job market is still tight, and there is a great deal of heavy competition for the same jobs.”

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4 Work From Home Careers for Today’s College Grad

Guest Author: Elyse Hartman is the owner and operator of an educational website dedicated to the medical coding profession. She welcomes your comments and questions at

The college graduate of today is a different breed of cat. This person is not content with just sitting in a cubicle, hoping for promotion someday. New college graduates are more likely to go an alternative route and perhaps be an entrepreneur or be employed in a less than traditional workplace. As such, work from home careers are increasingly common. Here are four options with plenty of appeal:

1. Medical Coding

Those with technically oriented degrees have the best chance of working from home. A medical coding career has always been an occupation with a home base flavor to it, and those college graduates of programs accredited by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) will find the work is both satisfying and well-paying. Medical coding work is in the area of records keeping and the demand for accurate data, due to both billing and requirements mandated by law, are creating opportunities for people with higher levels of education. The demand for qualified medical coders is expected to stay fairly strong for the next few years, so there will be no want of employment.

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