Guest Posting Policy

At this time, Sweet Careers Consulting only accepts sponsored guest posts.  Please review the following policies and information before requesting to guest post:

Our Policies:

  • We include a disclosure statement with the words Sponsored Guest Post appearing prominently near the bottom of the post.  The post will also be tagged as a promoted post.  For additional information, please see our Disclosure Policy.
  • We will conduct an initial review your post and let you know if the content will work for our audience and brand (college students, recent graduates, new professionals).
  • We work with PayPal. Payment for sponsored posts must be received prior to posting.

Article guidelines:

  • Include a catchy title that is relevant to your content.
  • Article length can vary, but we typically accept articles from 200 – 800 words in length.
  • Provide a brief author byline or bio; links back to your website, Twitter/Facebook profiles, or other social profiles is encouraged.
  • Submissions should be original, complete articles, not excerpts of articles with links back to your site for the full article.
  • Links to your website, a brief author bio or byline can be included, but are not required.
  • Articles that have been accepted and published should not be republished elsewhere without express permission from Sweet Careers Consulting.
  • Include a high quality image with your article.  Sweet Careers Consulting reserves the right to select a different image to post with your article.

Our current rates range from $40-100 depending on article length.  We also provide special pricing for publishing a series of articles.  If you are interested in sponsoring a guest post, please contact us and we’ll provide you with our detailed rates.