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First Inteview

10 Top Tips For First Time Job Interviewers

Guest Author: Carole Martin Website: http://www.interviewcoach.com Somehow it happened too fast and you may not feel prepared to go out and get your first “paying” job. But the reality is here and the more you prepare yourself for the job search process the better the results will be. Read the full article with tips and resources here. Here are ten […]

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How to Answer “Bad” Interview Questions With “Good” Answers

Guest Author: Carole Martin
Website: http://www.interviewcoach.com

If you’ve prepared for the interview you more than likely spent all of your time preparing to answer “positive questions” – demonstrating how good you are and what you can offer this position. You are not prepared to talk about your failures or times when you were challenged by difficult situations. So what do you do when you encounter a “curve ball?”

You deal with it in a positive manner.

Here is an example of a question that could be asked by an interviewer who is seeking negative information and how to deal with it.

Question – “Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with someone at work and how you resolved it.”

Answer – “I usually get along very well with everyone.”

Wrong Answer – The most important reason that this is a “poor answer” is that it doesn’t answer the question: “Tell me about a time when….” The interviewer is seeking an example of a time when you had a dealt with a difficult situation or person and how you handled yourself. (communication/relating to others)

Here is a good example of how to answer the question in a more confident and informative manner:

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Pomp and Circumstance – and Welcome to the World of Work

Guest Author: Carole Martin, The Interview Coach
Website: http://www.interviewcoach.com

It’s a time for joy – A time for tears – A time we’ll treasure – Through the years – We’ll remember always Graduation Day (song- JAN-1991)

Congratulations on attaining your degree! A special time and a proud accomplishment — You did it! You’re finished! With school that is – now it’s time to do some learning about the survival techniques in the “World of Work” in a competitive environment. Are you ready to take the next steps?

Hopefully you have a good resume prepared, if not, that will be your first priority! Need help? Many colleges have career centers that are willing to help you with your resume, but if you don’t have that option try the “resume help” of the top job search engines or find a resume expert on Linkedin/Facebook.” The aim of this resume is to create enough interest to garner you an invite for a job interview.

Start by doing research on job postings and companies that may interest you. There are several good job search websites available to assist you in your search and they may give you ideas on places to connect with people in your field of interest. Once your resume is polished the next challenge of course will be getting that resume out to the right people. This may require some new techniques for you and will become your new “job search homework assignment”. Find the sites that interest you and submit or post your resume there.

Scouting through the want ads is important to create your own “wish list” of the type of job you want and a summary of what’s important to you. While times are tougher than ever for new grads, ideally, you will want to find a match with your goals and values. The goal of this step is to find a win-win situation for your first job. This will happen when you find a job in an area you excel in. That way your employer gets an enthusiastic “new grad” ready to get out and make a difference, and you will be motivated by what you’re doing and at the same time be gaining valuable experience to advance in your career.

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